30 in 31: day seventeen: in your lifetime, a Christmas song countdown
30 in 31: day nineteen: excerpts from a paper life

30 in 31: day eighteen: going to the movies

I try to go to the movies at least once a month. Usually on Tuesday when it's discounted. I prefer the matinee, as well. But also on weekends sometimes I go to Fathom Events. This year I saw several of those: Jaws, Sunset Blvd., and a couple others. And some streaming operas. Some people say it's too costly, but that all depends on what else you spend your money on. I imagine they spend some of their money in ways I would not choose. Some people say they hate crowds. I'm rarely in them because I rarely go at 8 pm, and also always buy my tickets at the self-service kiosk, often just picking them up after making the purchase online. In this way, life is relative to the person living it.

Here are new releases I saw this past year. The first few were released in 2014, extended for pre-Oscar buzz. The links go to reviews or other items of interest. The grades are (loosely) how much I liked them, more subjective than objective.

B+ The Imitation Game

A Birdman

B+ The Theory of Everything

A Kingsman: The Secret Service (I will tell you I waited for this movie to be released forever, ever since I saw a poster a zillion years ago, and it did not disappoint me.)

Avengers: Age of Ultron

B+ Spy

C Magic Mike XXL

B Ant-Man

B Mr. Holmes (I enjoyed this movie a whole lot. But in retrospect, I just wanted more from it.)

B+ The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

A The Peanuts Movie

A- Spectre

A Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I enjoyed every one of these movies. The only one I wouldn't watch if I were doing it over is Magic Mike. I went to see that because I'd brought my sons to another movie and had nothing else to do. It was okay, better than I might have expected. Just not my kind of thing.

This coming year I might see fewer movies, but will probably have a better opportunity to see independent and foreign ones again.