Sunday in my Kitchen/House of Pie

QotD: My Favorite Quick & Healthy Recipe

What’s your favorite quick, easy, and healthy recipe?
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This is an odd question to me. I'm certain I don't have a favorite quick, easy, and healthy recipe. But here's something you may enjoy doing: semi-homemade spaghetti sauce. 

Heat a large pan to medium and add some extra-virgin olive oil. Um, a couple of spoonfuls? I dunno, depends on the next part. Add some chopped onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic, that is, your choice among those* but definitely garlic, and a couple of spoonfuls of dried mixed Italian seasoning. (I have all those herbs fresh but this is good, trust me, especially with Costco's Tuscan seasoning.) Stir that around until the stuff is softened, then add in, oh, a half cup of wine or vermouth. Sure, red is good (not too dry, though,) but white will be fine (but not a dessert one.) It should be drinkable, but not expensive. Simmer that on low for about 5 minutes, then stir in one small can of tomato paste, and a large can of crushed tomatoes. You can use a large can of diced tomatoes instead if you like; my kids do not. Simmer this for a few minutes, stirring a few times, and you're done. You might like a pinch of salt and pepper near the end. It'll keep in the refrigerator for a week or you can freeze it. It will feed 6-8, thereabouts and is worth the time to have some for later if there are not 6-8 of you. 

*Like, 1 small onion or half a larger one, 1/2-1 bell pepper, a handful of mushrooms, 2-3 garlic cloves or spoons of that jarred stuff.

A nice thing to do is take about half the sauce and add a quarter cup or so of heavy cream to it, warm and serve that way, with some thicker pasta like linguini. 

Tthis really is how I cook most of the time and it works out fine. But I've missed sharing real recipes here, so I'm going to work on doing that on the weekends again. It's that time of year. :-)