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recipe: the spicy bloody mary

Into a shaker filled with ice, add the following:


6 oz (3/4 cup) tomato juice

3 oz (2 jiggers) vodka or gin (I always prefer high quality gin (usually Hendrick's) and agree with those who refer to vodka as the training wheels of mixed drinks. But you use what makes you happy.)

1 fresh lime's worth of juice (although, lemon is nice with Effen vodka.)

1 tbs prepared horseradish

1-2 tsp hot sauce (this is to taste)

1-2 tsp Worcestershire sauce (also to taste)


Shake it until ice forms on the sides. Fill a large goblet or other interesting glass with ice, and sprinkle a pinch each of pepper and celery salt over it. Okay, actually, this makes two drinks; I'm just greedy. Just add a pinch of pepper and celery salt over the ice in each glass, then strain the liquid into them. Garnish with a stalk of celery if you like; personally, I prefer a wedge of lime.


But you know what's really fun to do? Hang a couple of cocktail shrimp from each glass. Better yet, thread them onto a skewer with a strip of bacon. 


Here is what your Bloody Mary may look like: if you want the rim to look like that, squinch a wedge of lime around the top and then dip the glass into a saucer containing the seasoning of your choice.