I could actually eat this...

Black and white means sophistication

(originally posted 1.10.06)



It's just that this goes way beyond dressing up a pig. That's Wonder Bread white toast on that plate. I don't know what's on the toast, but even if it's truffles and caviar and saffron, this is still way over the top, presentation-wise. But it's not that stuff; it's most likely calf livers in tomato sauce. I will find out and reveal all in time.

4.13.10 UPDATE:

This photo was taken from Woman's Day Famous French Cookery, published in 1969.

It is veal sweetbreads. And ham. With a sherry and onion cream sauce. On Wonder bread. I'm not sure why there's ham in it; who'd want to overwhelm the sophisticated delicacy of baby cow glands with something as common as salty preserved pork thigh? Maybe it's a yin-yang thing.