Some stuff on top of fish


(originally posted 1.10.06)


Did you think this was going to just be called Hamburger Pie? Me neither. It's a "tasty one-dish meal dressed up for company with golden fluffs of potato and bright tomato slices." It also has green beans, onions and canned condensed tomato soup in it. Plus about a speck of seasoning. People were afraid of seasoning back in the day. But they weren't afraid of putting green beans in meat. Oh, if desired? You can sprinkle potatoes with "shredded process American cheese" before baking. This way, every food group is represented. Yum.

As a bonus to the recipe, the cookbook writers, in a separate section, instruct us in making our dish look just like the photo. This involves adding the sliced tomatoes on top, sprinkled with yet more cheese.