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It's *all* in there

(originally posted 1.10.06)

Now, if you saw this photo without benefit of the recipe, or if you actually saw this concoction on a buffet table, a few questions might come to mind. For example, what is this food, in terms of category? Is it a sort of gelled antipasto? Feeling adventuresome, how do I shift some of it onto my Chinet plate? Do I then spoon it onto crackers, or dip pretzels into it? Finally, there are only two egg halves: am I allowed to have one? (Of course, this is probably a dumb question, as most likely there are two egg halves garnishing each dish on the table.)


You're wondering what's in there, aren't you? That amuses me. And now that I look at it again, I can't decide if the plant is hanging down, dragging in the food, or if in fact it is growing up out of the gelatin cornucopia.

Okay. Yes, you guessed it. Those are chunks of veal in the gelatin. And miscellaneous crunchy items.