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Weekend Recipe: Gelato

More blender magic

(originally posted 1.15.06)

This gets a thumbs down. 



It's Blender Cucumber Salad with Cottage Cheese Dressing. Yes. a cup of pureed cucumber is added to dissolved gelatin for this tasty delight, and then a dressing of of pureed cottage cheese, lemon juice, sugar and milk, is poured over the top, which--I am uncomfortable with this, because, have you ever accidentally put both lemon and milk in your tea? It looks like a 4th grade science experiment. Plus, I still don't know how to manage the carrot curls when serving this cool and crisp lunch delight.

Even stranger, though, is the non-pictured recipe beneath this one, for Avocado Salad Ring. You blend lemon jello and boiling water, then add sour cream, mayo, avocado chunks, onion, lemon juice and salt, puree til smooth, and add food coloring. What color? Why, green, of course. (Kind of makes you wonder with surprise why Jell-O never introduced guacamole-flavored gelatin, doesn't it?)

The center of this beauty gets filled with orange and grapefruit sections, then served with "blender mayonnaise." Yum.