Fishsticks part 1/478
Some stuff on top of fish

More "fish"

(originally posted 1.10.06)

Yes, yes, tasteful presentation, not overdone or tacky, no egg slices or pimiento olives in sight. But those are grapes. In fish. God only knows what's in the sauce. I don't even know what this is called. I've lost track of which book this came from, and that may be a good thing, because the fish is also wrapped around something and it could literally be anything. It might be sausages.

4.13.10 UPDATE:

Actually, this is just Filets De Sole Véronique, and the fish is rolled, but not stuffed. I was sort of disappointed to learn this; I hoped it would become a special entry in the "meat stuffed with more meat" category I'm about to do, and maybe have tuna or something inside it. From Woman's Day Famous French Cookery, 1969.


Still, those are grapes, broiled with fish. Funny French people.