Givin' em the ol' fish eye
Who chooses which recipes get photos?

Shregglive bowl

(originally posted 1.10.06)

I dunno. This photo was on the back cover of Good Housekeeping Complete Book of Home Entertaining, and I just can't figure out where the recipe is inside the book. There are some really pink shrimp, eggs with a sauce on top, olives, and capers. There might be a whole layer of other stuff underneath that we can't see. Or two layers, even.


4.13.10 UPDATE:

I really can't find the exact recipe. It might be called Shrimp À La Cocina (kitchen shrimp, y'all,) as part of the Mexican Luncheon, or one of the appetizers for Brunch À La Barcelona. It could be part of the French Peasant Supper. But the pineapple leads me toward Mexican as the most likely choice. They do recommend paper napkins with large flowers on them. So there's that.