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The camera adds 10 pounds

Who chooses which recipes get photos?

(originally posted 1.10.06)

It seems sort of suspect, really.

From Better Homes & Gardens Meat Stretcher Cookbook, published in 1974

Ravioli Roulade: the "ravioli" is refrigerated crescent rolls, wrapped around a "roulade" of ham, cheese, and spinach mixture, baked, then topped with marinara sauce and garnished with pimento olives. 4.13.10 UPDATE! I now have a photo of ravioli roulade! Unlike with most of these recipes, the photo actually looks better than it sounds. I'll add it soon, in a post about meat stuffing.

Sombrero Surprises: Sometimes the name yields no clue as to what sort of food it represents. If you were handed a sort of flattened, stuffed and baked biscuit with melted cheese on top, would you expect to find a hamburger inside, fully dressed with lettuce, onion, ketchup and mustard?

Ham Souffle in Pepper Cups: This is a fairly simple recipe; a cheese souffle with chopped ham, baked in hollowed-out green peppers. It's just that any recipe with ham in the title cracks me up, like a little kid who laughs when someone says "boobies."