chicken soup: a slightly blurred pictorial
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Meat-stuffed meat

Who can get enough? 

These two gems are from one of my most favorite cookbook treasures, 

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

I love it so much I wrote it into one of my ongoing stories that might be a whole book someday. There are recipes in it I'd actually make. It's just all so desperate and precious in construction. On a single page, you'll find recipes for "nutted yam balls," "burgers italiano on hero rolls," and "tuna ring with blue-cheese sauce." Overwhelming, I know.

Anyway. What's special about these two dishes is that they have you put the garnishes on the inside, yet when you serve it, there they are revealed, decorative and delectable, at the same time. 

This is a loaf of bread stuffed with meat which is stuffed with more meat. Specifically, it's hamburger stuffed with hot dogs. And pickles, of course. I'm not sure they knew about the colon in 1971, and its role in our ongoing health.*

Frank-and-burger loaf

Frank-and-burger loaf

They show you how to do it with a round loaf and a long one, so you can be creative with your table display. 

Inside the ground beef you'll find all the important garnishes mixed together; egg, onion, green pepper, and, of course, chopped pimiento. What would hamburger be without that? They also recommend 1/8 tsp msg. I don't know why. I don't remember my mom ever having a jar of that in our pantry. 

So you mix up this meatloafish stuff, spread it on bread, top it with hot dogs and sweet gherkins, add more meat and the bread, and bake it. Then you have these sort of sandwiches. To be honest, I think it would taste all right, but the texture confounds me. 

*No, of course they knew we needed "salad" for our insides. They recommend you make one for this meal out of stuffed olive slices in tomato aspic (like this, minus the shrimp.) 

It would come back up really easily, at least. And then you'd have room for the cheesecake they recommend for dessert.

Another meaty Autumn entry:

Ham-rolled beef birds

Ham-rolled beef birds

You are not, no matter how you try, going to guess how this goes, so here goes:

1. cook some chicken livers and mushrooms in butter, salt and pepper, then chop finely.

2. sprinkle slices of boneless top round with salt and pepper, and some of the liver mush.

3. add strips of ham.

4. alternate adding carrot sticks and "pickle sticks."

5. roll up, secure with toothpicks, roll in flour, brown in butter.

6. add onions, tomato paste, condensed beef bouillon, simmer for 90 minutes and watch the magic unfold. 

(Suggested side dishes: buttered macaroni shells and chopped broccoli. Mince pie for dessert. Buy an extra plunger for tomorrow.)

Anyway, they're called beef birds because when you cut them open and see the pickles, carrots, ham and liver inside, it looks like the interior cavity of a pheasant. 

No, I don't know, they just used to call beef that whenever they rolled it up with stuff. Bon appetit!