Meat-stuffed meat
recipe: a good dinner tonight

We're being watched

By our food.

I mentioned this first one in another post a long time ago, of recipes that disappointingly did not feature photos. But it turned up in a different cookbook from a few years later, and this is probably a good thing, as food photography had advanced a bit by that time. 


Not enough, though.

There's no explanation as to why this is called ravioli. Well, see, ravioli is a pasta wrap, technically. And then roulade is a French way of rolling something up in something. So, ravioli roulade would be, er, a redundant term for rolling up something wrapped. I dunno, you figure it out. Probably there was this huge argument over whether to call it ravioli because of the outside, or roulade because of the inside. Punches were thrown, someone's glasses got bent, and then the chief editor made the executive decision to use both names. 

There's no actual pasta in this dish, as they've used crescent roll dough instead, and I'm sure it would taste fine, though marinara sauce wouldn't be my choice. 

None of that matters

What matters is that it looks like giant infected toes with eyeballs on top. And antennae. Go ahead, picture yourself picking one up and biting into it. I don't think you can. 

Now, these look like they may leave on their own.


Again, they probably taste perfectly fine. They're like the inside of a stuffed pepper. Or a diseased organ, you make the call. But this time the eyeballs are attached to homing collars. The antennae are part of a sophisticated wing mechanism. This time, they will make their escape.