Stuffed Squash: A concept
Cooking/stock up/new tripod yay!

Jim and Francie's mom sure can cook!

Here's what to serve at a swell teen's bash! Young people like food, and plenty of it! So what's on the menu here? Pickle pops, meat-topped meat dogs, ice cream sundae cones, hot cider, and cool cookie platters.


Let's take a closer look.


Things were different back when, weren't they?

Those sandwiches are chili dogs topped with canned tamales and cheese. Minus the dog. I confess that in my current mood, that sounds completely delicious, even with the cheese, which is not something I ordinarily go around sticking on things. Better sense and taste usually prevails, but if I had that in front of me right now, I'd eat it.

I'm—really hungry as I type this.

That keen pumpkin is a tureen which contains the hot cider. I'm certain all the teens were just wild for it.

One thing that isn't quite as silly as it looks is the ice cream cones. These recipes often tell people to put them together, dip and garnish them, then freeze them solid ahead of time. So at the moment of serving they'd be okay. I'm less comfortable with the lemon slice-topped hot cider.

The book, Jiffy Cooking (BHG 1967,) also suggests Party Potato Chips, which are potato chips baked for a few minutes with shredded cheese and spice, and Zippy Almonds, which are seasoned similarly to Chex Party Mix.

Anyway, mostly I just wanted to make fun of the pickle pops. Truthfully, in the recipe book, they are called Pickle-sicles. Terrific idea!

As an addendum, I want to dispel any idea that these kids were going to be smoking pot and listening to Cream in the basement. In 1967, that was mostly going on with a somewhat older crowd. Took a few years for that stuff to trickle down. The kids at this party were still into Bandstand and Bosco.