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Let's take it nice and easy

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I've been so excited to share this! You know I love the glory of garnish. How about in a delicious shake?


Surprise! It's soup. You've drunk soup from a mug, right? Tomato, or something brothy, perhaps. Did you ever drink it through a straw? Maybe when you were small and very ill your mother gave it to you that way.

I bet you're glad, thinking back, that there were no little ragged bits of chicken or mushroom in it. Also, Mama made it just hot enough to soothe, not too hot for the tongue.

Of course, people (other than me) do enjoy cold potato or beet or melon soup in summer. I'm not sure they shake it with cold milk until frothy and serve it up like ice cream, but I guess there's no rule which says they can't. Only, if you sat down for supper or a snack, and your mom or partner brought you a delicious-looking glass sweetly decorated with some attractive mint leaves, I bet your mouth would get all stirred up in excitement for a smoothie, perhaps pineapple-coconut? She'd smile as you took a big gulp, and as you realized you were tasting salty cream of chicken soup instead, I'd like to be watching in the background, ready to snap a photo of the moment to follow. I'd post it here to share.