Cooking/stock up/new tripod yay!

living in my kitchen

I  thought since I'll be able to share more cooking photos now, I'd share some from where all the magic happens.  ;-)

Two things that I don't like: refrigerator; old, inefficient, poorly designed space, matches nothing else. The homeowners took their new fancy black one with them and left this in its place. And I don't like my messy tower of Things, but there's not quite enough cabinet space, though it could be worse.

The first two photos are my good quiet spaces, usually. I love my ugly worktable because someone down the block was throwing it away, and I had the boys go down one night and carry it home. No one sits there but me. I have another ad to hang next to the one that's there, so the wall will look better, but I need a matching frame.

Then the rest are how things look today. But things are a bit crowded right now; the roaster oven isn't usually out, as it takes up so much counter space. I moved the waffle iron to the mixing area and the slow cooker to the other side of the sink to make room for it, until we have the oven igniter repaired or replaced.






The shelf above the sink looks super for plants, but they tend to die there. Facingsink

I like the location of the laundry, but as it is next to the cat bathroom, I find it less pleasant than I might. Also, that space is narrow, with the pantry on the other side of  it. Laundryview

If  you like this sort of ageless traditional look, I'm sure it appears a nice job has been done. I cannot complain at all. It's just not my personal taste. And if I owned this house, I'd want to knock out the wall next to the worktable and open it up to the dining room.