Just a bit of the Sunday cooking
Have you ever made a fruitcake?

Still using up garden peppers: stuffed peppers mid-century-style

And there are still more to pick before I pull up the garden!

Anyway, they're all small now, but they are still good. Many vegetables are quite satisfactory to use before they reach "full size." Some are actually better that way.

So I found this recipe and tweaked it to suit my tastes and what I have here. The one thing I'd do differently is add more oregano, as the recipe called for. I don't know why I didn't go out and pick some; instead, I used an Italian seasoning blend. It was good, but wanted more oregano, as well.

I also doubled the amounts, which was way more than I needed, but I thought I'd cook the rest of it on the stovetop for lunch today.


Because I made part of it into meatloaf, I didn't add water to the pan. And I did the tomatoes differently; I used a cup of freshly chopped tomatoes and then added canned crushed tomatoes to make up my two cups. If you want it a lot firmer, I wouldn't advise that, but I like it to be kind of saucy.