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I am back! And I made tacos...

You are likely new to this blog, so here are a few things to know. First, I am always suffering under some photo disability. I have a better kitchen and better camera this year, and a new tripod. So, naturally, my overhead kitchen light has failed. C'est ma vie. Second, I do this blog from late spring to late autumn, then something goes wrong and I abandon it for awhile. Okay, and I do this differently than other people. But you might have guessed that already.

1. You already know what a fresh cracked egg looks like.

2. I think pictures are more interesting with context.

3. I'm not a food photographer. I am a good cook.

4. Cooking is often messy. 

5. Sometimes I post stuff just to make fun of it.

So, I made tacos. When I make them for me to enjoy, which is usually, they are made with pork. Usually pork shoulder, which is mad cheap, and the fat in it makes for great flavor. But Costco has this top roast pork loin right now for $1.99/lb, and it's great in the slow cooker, and so. I used about four pounds today,


and cut it into chunks, just about as big as you could eat, if you wanted to.Choppedpork

Seasoned with McCormick's Applewood Rub, browned in olive oil.

Isn't this a truly awful photo? I'm so proud. It's like I work for Better Homes & Gardens, circa 1966. Anyway. In the slow cooker I put the pork, one sliced onion, five sliced cloves of garlic, about a cup of salsa verde, and a cup of dark ale. When I do a roast, I put the meat on top of the vegetables, but for this it isn't necessary. High for one hour, low for about five hours. If you're gone all day, just start it on low; it'll be fine. 

When that was just about finished, I peeled and chopped two sweet potatoes. (Yams, don'tcha know.) The peel goes into my little compost container to be tossed outside whenever I get around to it. 

Then I shredded the pork, spread it on a cookie sheet, and poured about 2 cups of the cooker liquid over it. I tossed the sweet potato chunks with olive oil, sea salt, and a little chili powder, put them on a pan, and then put both pans in a 350 degree oven.

 After 30 minutes, I tossed the pork and sweet potatoes. After another 20 minutes, I did it again, traded racks, and added (two handfuls of) seasoned green beans to the sweet potato pan. Another 20 minutes, it was all finished.

I warmed some small flour tortillas, spread with a little sour cream, then added pork, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

You don't have all that time to waste so let me point out that you can skip the entire pork-in-oven process. Just take it out of the liquid, cook the vegetables of your choice, and you're good to go. But don't you dare throw out that cooking liquid. It can season a ton of things. Freeze it if you can't think of a reason to use it in the next few days; it'll keep for a couple months.