Growing Tomatoes
Summer days, drifting away...

The season is waning...but it's still pretty out there

Yesterday I picked another large bowl of tomatoes. Today, just a few. But more will ripen before the end of the month, that is a certainty! And I'll pick the remaining green ones at the last moment possible, for pie or just to fry with bread crumbs and cheese. 

Today I picked peppers. There are so many out there, but the weather changed swiftly, the nights are cool, and they will not all grow to full size. Part of my corno di toro plant was savaged by yesterday's storm, so I had to pluck three of those early. And the purple bells are ripening before they grow to a good size. Such is nature. 


My two green bean plants from spring are still producing a few beans at a time! I might pick a few tomorrow, but I'm letting some of them fatten up so I can keep the seeds. Sadly, the green bean rows on the other side of the yard in the tomato patch have been gotten into again. The netting was open on one side for some reason. They might still be all right, but will need a long warm autumn in order to produce. Nothing else in my garden has been touched by varmints all summer long except in that one spot.


The one eggplant is coming along well; I can see now it is a globe variety, and I think it can grow for a couple more weeks before I pick it. Also, hilariously, amidst the Swiss chard that exploded in growth over the past few days, there are two heads of red lettuce growing. I'd pulled nearly all of it up at the beginning of July, but I guess I left a little in the ground. :-)


Finally, I found a couple tromped-on onions. These were planted in bad soil and started growing late. There are six altogether, as I pulled up over a dozen earlier in the season, but I could tell the two on the left in the photo weren't going to get to move on with the class, so I've pulled them up. These, with the broken pepper plant, I see as Nature's way of telling me to make chili today! I'll add onion from the store since they are still such little things. Trompedonion

My next post, probably this weekend but maybe tomorrow, will be about the community garden I happened upon while visiting Southwest Michigan this past weekend. And when growing season draws to a close, I hope to share some ideas about gardening, how-tos and why-fors, especially that last bit, which is dear to my heart.