The season is waning...but it's still pretty out there
Roasting all the things and making tomato soup

Summer days, drifting away...


What am I going to do with all this Swiss Chard? No one eats it but me!

12 - 1 (1)

These tomatoes (sorry it's unclear) were all picked green two weeks ago, and sat on this table ripening. 


A few are left in this bowl, but I cut up most of them to roast for soup today, along with a few peppers that were growing soft. I will talk about roast vegetable recipes on the cooking page, today or tomorrow.




Here are more tomatoes I picked last night in advance of the first frost. They will mostly all ripen here over the next couple of weeks.


And I picked the last of the leeks. There was too much clay where they grew; even though they'll have a new location next year, that area needs more amending before I grow something else there.