Thanksgiving Preparation: Stage One
Oh, hey there, would you like some delicious soup?

Thanksgiving Preparation: Stage Two

Because of the use of the formal dining room as a school room, we'll be eating our Thanksgiving dinner in what you might term the breakfast area. But it's larger than one of those. It's the center portion of an open plan that extends from kitchen to living room. And we will have three guests, so I want the kitchen to be as neat as possible, so I'm doing more work than usual ahead of time. Here are the items I plan to accomplish today. I will share pictures in this post later on

Make cranberry sauce. And possibly a cranberry ice. I have a lot of cranberries. 

Tear up bread to dry for stuffing (dressing.) I always do that the day before. 

Make pie crusts for three pies. We don't need three pies and one of our guests is bringing a fourth but this is my pie day. I planned ahead for it. I also have to thaw the pumpkin puree I froze last month, and the soup I froze last week for lunch tomorrow. We don't eat Thanksgiving dinner for lunch; we eat it for dinner. Though it will be a bit early this year.

Assemble all my serving dishes and also storage containers for leftovers. And organize the refrigerator which should have been done before now but wasn't. And get the whole house clean, of course.

Create the Plan. It's the same plan as every year, but will be adjusted to finish an hour earlier. The Cincinnati Enquirer has a great Thanksgiving Day cooking plan on the front page of the Style section today; if you want to see it, let me know. Mostly what I do is get up about 8, putter about, (part of the Plan,) make pie filling and bake those. This year I'll first go to the store for fresh flowers. 

Usually I cook the cranberries next, but since those will already be done, I'll turn my attention to appetizers. I bought a lot of crescent roll dough to make something with. Haven't decided what that something is. Then prepare the dressing to bake, and boil the sweet potatoes. Usually I put the turkey in at one and it cooks for 3.5 hours, but I think I'll put it in around noon. Then I normally rest but I don't know when company is arriving tomorrow so that might be cancelled. After the turkey is out, I put in the now-whipped sweet potatoes and dressing, cook the green beans and make the gravy.  Set it all out and then heat the rolls. I've never had to be flexible about this, but this year I will need to be. Stay tuned.