Thanksgiving Preparation: Stage Two
Sometimes I eat stuff like this

Oh, hey there, would you like some delicious soup?

Weirdly, I got really bored of cooking for awhile. I think my verve is back, though. 

Last night I used the stock I made from the Christmas duck. It made the most delicious soup! I don't have a real recipe but can share the process. 

1/2 lb canneloni beans, boiled for two minutes, soaked for an hour, and drained. 

Half a large onion, diced, three cloves of garlic, minced, three sliced carrots and a shallot, sauteed in about 2 tbs of duck fat and another tbs olive oil. As they began to soften, I added the drained beans and about a quart of duck stock. Absolutely chicken or vegetable stock would work, but they would not be the same at all because duck stock is magical. 

I simmered that for an hour with a lid on, and then turned it off. 

I chopped 8 slices of pre-cooked Hormel thick-cut bacon and heated them with 3/4 lb chopped fingerling potatoes. (As the bacon brought very little fat to the yard, I added 2 tbs of butter. Fresh bacon would eliminate this need.) When the potatoes were nearly done, I added them with the bacon (drained,) to the soup, and brought the heat back up to finish cooking for a few minutes. Then I stirred in some chopped bok choy and added salt and pepper. You could add cabbage or kale, instead. 

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