Wrapping up the garden on the last warm day for now...
The End of the Tomatoes

stacked egg lunch

Last time I shared one of these, it was an egg between two salmon patties. I think an egg is nearly always a good idea. Today I had burrata topped with slices of homegrown Yellow Brandywine tomato, quick fresh pistou, and poached eggs. But if I'd had good bread to toast, I might have liked the cheese, tomato, and pistou on an open-faced sandwich, without the egg on top.


For the pistou I just pounded a couple of garlic cloves with a handful of basil leaves, added a couple spoonfuls of Asiago cheese, and drizzled in some olive oil.

If you use burrata with warm ingredients, it's a good idea to take it out a little ahead of time, so the chill is off.