The End of the Tomatoes
Remains of the Garden Day

Playing with grapefruit

I want to like it better than I do. It isn't that it's not sweet. It's the aftertaste. But I eat it anyway, because it is good for me. In advance of the citrus season, though, I played with turning some grapefruit into dessert. I got three last week from Green BEAN Delivery, along with two interesting Florida tangerines; a variety that is very sweet and juicy.
20131110_161028Yes, there is also a lemon there. It is just for show.

I peeled one grapefruit, then squeezed the juice out of all three. As they were small, and the pith was very thick, there was only a cup of juice. There was 3/4 cup of juice from the tangerines, so I topped off to a cup with store-bought orange juice.

Researching sorbet recipes led me to just come up with my own variation. But then I had the most miserable sinus headache yesterday, got a late start, decided to just let it be granita instead. And making it the way I did meant that I could take several outcomes from one process. 20131110_162405

First I made a thick sugar syrup; two cups of sugar and one cup of water, boiled for a few minutes with a bag of mulling spices.

I added 1/2 cup of the syrup to the two cups of (mostly) fresh juice, and also a tablespoon of Hendrick's gin, just for kicks. I put it in a shallow container in the freezer, and after a few hours, scraped and stirred, then again a couple times, until I got this. 20131111_112931It's delicious. But if made with only tangerines, would require only half the syrup; just watch this! 

While the granita was freezing, I added 1/2 cup of sugar and a cup of water to the remaining syrup, and set it to boiling again with strips from the grapefruit I peeled. They simmered under parchment for a couple of hours. (The parchment is a Martha Stewart recommendation.)

I shook them off, dipped them in sugar, and put them on a tray to dry. 20131110_200920

Then into a jar for storage. 20131111_093427

And the syrup remaining in the pan was thick and spicy; it will be great to use as a sweetener in some other recipe, but will probably require warming first. 20131111_093340

Three treats in one go; how frugal.