Not a Clara Bow
Cannelloni garnish!

Post-modern pizza

I'm a lousy Italian-American. I'm not really into pasta, and I don't like tomato sauce in everything or cheese on everything. I'd rather just mush up tomatoes with stuff and use that, if tomatoes are the thing to be had. I'd rather just eat a tomato. And so I'm also not a great fan of pizza. I like bread with tomatoes and olive oil on it. If you add a poached egg, that's even better.

Well, but on the other hand, there's always all the pizza or pasta ingredients here, plenty of garlic, etc. For the boys, pepperoni is a staple.

So sometimes I get out bread and sauce and cheese, pepperoni and onions, and if we have them, pineapple, green peppers, and black olives for the kid who likes those, and the boys make pizzas. And then I raid the condiment shelves in the refrigerator for mine.

Tonight we had naan and roti, and they had pepperoni, onions, and mozzarella. And sauce, of course, a good one from a jar. The Indian bread cooks into a good pizza at 425 degrees.

I love goat cheese on pizza but I don't buy it very often; I never get through it all in time. So I quickly caramelized onions, mixed a little sour cherry preserves into white fig jam (thanks, Karen, because the fig on its own would be too sweet without a stronger cheese,) and topped it with regular not-very-old Gouda. On my other piece of roti I used black olive tapenade, basil pesto (Kroger Private Selection for the winter win,) spicy salami, and a little asiago.

The salami pizza was perfect. The jam one was almost; it really wanted a more aged gouda or maybe a smoked one. It would be good with goat cheese, too. Another thing I don't do right; I don't eat it very hot. People have a tendency to eat everything either too hot or too cold, by my reckoning. Except cocktails, which they never make cold enough.

The drink is Basil Hayden's bourbon with a little PAMA and bitters.

Panpizzahalf the pizza is for tomorrow. and we are on paper plates this weekend, because of a water pressure thing.