Post-modern pizza
I knew I was a gardener. Part One.

Cannelloni garnish!

Cannelloni takes a really long time to prepare. So I just stuck it on a plate and dug in. I made it because I watched Lidia make it on PBS the other day. Here is the ricetta. Only because of the terrible, terrible cold, I had to make a few changes. Once I was back in the house after a shopping trip on Sunday, I was not going back out until proper winter returned. Which is tomorrow.

I made beef broth instead of chicken, long story but uninteresting, I'm sure. I had no mortadella or celery. Seriously, forgetting the celery? A week without celery is a week with less-than correct cooking. For me. I had fresh lasagna noodles from Jungle Jim's, and just cut them to the correct size. And I used Romano and a really good provolone instead of Grana Padana, because that was disappeared into the refrigerator somewhere instead of in the cheese drawer. Yes, I have a cheese drawer.

For the marinara I browned some smashed garlic cloves in olive oil, added a large can of whole tomatoes and a squinch of tomato paste, a little salt and peperoncini, stirred it around for awhile, then added a few shakes of dried Sicilian oregano. For the beef broth, since I had no celery, I threw in some baby turnip greens. And here are unedited phone pix of some of the process.

I roasted some marrow bones and a big soup bone for this. Of course I gave one of the marrow bones to the dog, then used the rest. Marrow bones are one of a dog's main reasons for loving life.



Forgot to mention I used kale instead of spinach. I like it better.