An early garden point of view
Weekly Photo Update

I did such a dumb thing.

I can't even figure out how this is possible. I adore Cosmos and like to have tons of them growing with my vegetables. I planted some with the new flower garden and thought I had three pots of seedlings in the greenhouse.

Yet somehow, I now have 16 Swiss Chard seedlings in there, instead. Plus the 5 already growing in the garden... 20140508_085313

Do you have any idea how much Swiss Chard this could be a month from now? I could feed this neighborhood with it. But I'm loathe to just kill it all. Maybe I'll go hunt up that community garden I saw somewhere near here and see if anyone there wants some of it.

And besides which, now I don't have Cosmos seedlings to put in with the vegetables. I could plant some directly in, but I've lost weeks, plus, birds have a tendency to eat those seeds.

Chard seeds and Cosmos seeds resemble each other in no way at all except in their ability to eventually produce a plant. So even if I knew I was planting chard and just later on thought I'd planted Cosmos, what on earth would make me plant so many?? And why didn't I plant the Cosmos??