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Theoretical spaghetti sauce...

Sometimes I wish pasta salad hadn't become a thing in 1978 or whatever. Everything has been pasta pasta pasta ever since. But my 2nd gen mom and aunts called it all noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, maybe sometimes there'd be manicotti, which didn't sound remotely like how you say it. For them, it essentially rhymed with ricotta, which they also did not say like you say it. And there was lasagna, of course, contents of which were argued over every time it was made for Christmas Eve, which was now and then. When I grew up, I realized I was now putting my vote in for Aunt Helen's way, with just sausage, but actually, I still prefer all these dishes with the meat on the side, not inside. I've never been a ground meat sort of person, if that's a sort to be. So usually when I do eat it, it's for separate, not for mixing into things and screwing up their texture.

Anyway.  This Google search I just did is absurd, of course. First, because I know how to make spaghetti sauce 18 different ways and counting. Every time I make it, that's probably a new way. But I was looking for this particular one, cooked like a ragù, but without all the ragu in it. Second, because if I typed pasta, maybe I'd have found more of what I wanted, but I wasn't thinking of pasta, even though I'm actually going to put the sauce on ravioli later. And there will be sausage on the side, and salad from my garden.

And so whatever. This is what I plan to do. Chop vegetables, garlic, and a little salami, sauté it, add some tomato paste and red wine and let it reduce, then beef broth and smushed-up canned tomatoes, and some herbs from the garden. That's a fairly basic process. And let that simmer way low the rest of the afternoon. Then I'll see how it tastes later, finish it up, add a splash of cream, and serve it over the ravioli, which I got from Jungle Jim's pasta bar yesterday. Along with the sausage and mixed salad greens.

What's a cooking blog page post without photos, though? Hmm. Here is a linguini dinner I made for the boys recently, with a light chunky tomato sauce, sausage, and zucchini, and two photos of a very good gibson martini I enjoyed a few weeks ago. When the slow sauce is reality rather than theoretical, I will post instructions and pictures. 20140506_191152