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Weekly Photo Update

Weekly Garden Update: moving right along

I picked up a German Queen tomato plant the other day, stuck it in the garden on the side of the house. The only German Johnsons I found this year were in six-packs, which is not a thing for me. I think the Queens are smaller, but anyway. Bonnie has a good accounting of most of the tomatoes I'm growing this year.

Only I might have mentioned I mixed up the tags and can't tell which are which for some of them. It won't matter much, but the smallest seedling from a store was apparently rather stressed and is producing itself quite a tomato on its tiny branches. And I don't think it's the Early Girl. Also, hope not. Younggun

I have no idea yet what any of the volunteers are, and I've left them all in there, just for fun. I'm hoping this one is a Brandywine, but it might be Jetstar. Those seem to like seeding themselves an awful lot. At least one Yellow Pear might be nice, but they're all so small, I kind of doubt it; they grow tall rather quickly, in my experience. This one came up next to a marigold, and I'm leaving it right there. It'll be bug-free, at any rate. Those French marigolds smell even worse to outdoor creatures than they do to me. Tomarigold

The Indigo Rose is producing early because I bought it that way. It isn't really the thing to do, but I was very curious about it. They say the skin is a true purple, and has something very healthful in it. Indigorose
They are ready when fully purple and kind of dull all over.

On Saturday, I cut a Red Romaine head, and it's already growing back. So now we can definitely have garden salad every day for awhile, as there are four of those, and the other leafy lettuces are nearly ready, as well. Cutromaine

And the first green beans in the outside space are budding now. There are about 3 dozen plants sown at a two week interval. I was going to add another dozen, but now I think I'll wait until late summer. Greenbeanbuds
You can see the carrots are coming along, and by the time they need more space, the green beans will be there just to fertilize the soil.