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Weekly Photo Update: Gea (Tellus) Big with Seed

"Convenience Food" and how to poach eggs.

Lunch today, with chard and an onion from my garden: a pictorial. You could garnish with chopped scallion, red pepper flakes, Japanese rice seasoning, chopped jalapenos, etc. I'd have added garlic, but am out until tomorrow. This took 15 minutes from chopping to table.








I poached the eggs with the seasoning packets. You can do that with ramen, but you gotta put the ramen in with the water. I find it more laborious. Plus, there are double the calories in a ramen block. You can partially scramble the egg if you prefer. But if you want good poached eggs,

Bring 2-3 inches of water and a splash of any vinegar to simmer (just below boil.) Crack an egg into a fine mesh strainer over a bowl or sink. Swirl it around for a few seconds just until the runniest part of the egg white drips out. Then slide the egg into the water. Repeat. Don't do more than three at a time, or four if you're a champ. Gently spoon a little of the simmering water over the top of the eggs. After a minute, make sure they're carefully loosened from the bottom, if necessary. For barely set yolks, take them out as soon as the whites on top are cooked.