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Daily harvest bowls

When I had my community garden plot in New Jersey, I gave myself a nice little tradition of the daily harvest bowl. I have a big red bowl and each day I collected vegetables for it in a peaceful ritual. I do that here, but last year's harvest was so poor and discouraging, I didn't take many pictures as I had the year before. This year, I probably won't have the tomato harvest I hoped for, but everything else is doing well, and today I picked my first bowl of food. It will be another week or two before I can expect to do that every day or most days, but I'm going to tweet pictures of each one, as #dailyharvestbowl

In New Jersey, there was a nearby soup kitchen which accepted fresh food offerings from the community garden, so I dropped something off for it from each of my bowls. I can't do that here, so I'm going to be sure to add something to the Green BEAN bin each week, instead. In summer, I have them mainly bring me extra fruit and things I can't easily grow myself.

I picked snap beans for the last several days, meant to cook a few with potatoes on Friday, but saved them instead, and now there are several full servings to cook at once. They're such bright happy things.