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Twine, bamboo, duct tape, and trash

Experimental hilarity, part one

This year, I'm having fun experimenting with plants and seeds, largely due to purchasing the plastic greenhouse. I think I've mentioned my serendipity bowl before; I'd thrown a bunch of seeds that I'd found loose in the bottom of my seed box into some starter mix. There were cucumbers and winter and summer squashes, a few flowers, a couple snap beans and a couple peas.

I thought I'd sorted out the squashes, and just for the lols of it, I put one in the barrel with my best wild currant tomato seedling. Well, that seedling took off properly while the others have sort of limped along. It's five feet tall and bushy so far, and clearly has a ways to go. And I thought the other plant must be a cucumber, actually, as the first true leaves looked a bit stripey, and just ignored it except to encourage it up the homemade trellis.

Today I noticed fruit on it, and then I noticed...those are squash leaves. And they aren't summer squash, either, as they are growing upright with tendrils curling around the trellis. But the thing is, a) I don't remember having winter squash seeds before this year, and those were all old seeds, and b) these things will grow 20 feet long. The trellis is about 80 inches. So I will have to move the barrel to an area where the vine can continue to do...what it does best. Grow and grow and grow. However, it's quite early to have a winter squash, and I have more in the garden, of other varieties, and so that's a whole other issue of its own.
To me, it just looks like a yellow squash plant (expect okay, sure, the fruit isn't yellow.) It doesn't look like the few winter squash varieties I know well.
The other funny thing is that I planted two of what I was certain were random serendipity bowl cucumbers in a bucket, and only one of them is. The other is definitely a winter squash. But I can just move the bucket somewhere. These two plants came very close to drowning in the huge rains we had, but survived and are now growing again.
Cucumber leaves are flatter, in case you were wondering, and squash leaves are several different shapes, but sort of cup in the center. Winter squashes grow tendrils that grab onto things so they can climb. Summer squashes don't (actually I have learned that while most don't, there are a couple unusual varieties which do, but I've never seen them,) and they just grow a giant circle of vines that will spread out but not up.



Part two is about the pepper plants, homegrown v. purchased, deck v. garden, etc.