There's just no in-Between
Turn, turn, turn: weekly photo update

101 days til first frost

This is an all-sorts post. It's going to rain all day and I want to put more poles up for my winter squash, but I'm not sure I won't wait until tomorrow.

I've been reading more about crop rotation and about mixed plantings. Well, mixed plantings work so well for me, rotation becomes something of a crazy puzzle each year. Normally I do figure it out, but have to be extra careful of next year to make sure the leaf spot fungus is thoroughly eradicated. If I owned this space, I'd just expand...

I want to plant some kohlrabi. I could put it where the zucchini are now, or between the two artichokes I grew mainly for corner interest. But I'd planned on my cabbages along that side next year. I could put it up where the lettuce was and onions still are for now, and the remaining lettuce would help keep white flies away. That might be where the in-ground tomatoes need to be next year, with a ton of soil amendment. That spot might not have enough nutrients just now for the kohlrabi.

Or I could put it in where the snap beans and carrots are growing. If I do that, the soil there will require more amending next year than I'd planned, but then I'd put onions there. This might make the most sense.

Then I think I'll plant some more beans where the onions are now, and that will help for putting tomatoes there next year.

Here are some photos I've taken over the past few days. This week will be both good and bad for those tomatoes; cooler air means they won't mourn for all the shelter I've cut away. But they are very soggy right now...