Easy Low Sugar Preserves: Success
101 days til first frost

There's just no in-Between

Every year I plant two eggplant plants and harvest 1-3 eggplants. This year I planted three eggplant plants, and flanked them with jalapeno pepper and serrano pepper plants, because I read it's good for their root systems.

I don't know if that's why, but this year so far I've picked a dozen (well, 6 today, so actually about 15) eggplants, there are 15 more still growing, and my boys don't even like eggplant. I am going to make melanzane parmigiana (my mother would pronounce that meelannjohnny,) though, and make them eat it. I'll cook sausage with it. I am aware this is Japanese eggplant rather than Italian, but so what? (What is that it is a little sweeter and requires less drawing out of water.)

I have pretty much gotten the knack of growing only as much zucchini as I can use, but with the eggplants, I'm not certain I can hit the middle ground target. Next year I'll just grow two, though, and still with hot peppers.