Turn, turn, turn: weekly photo update
First of October

Weekly Photo Update

July never felt like July here. It's disappointing because we spend a certain amount of time and money to keep our rented pool in top shape, but haven't been able to use it. And the season wanes. 

But the garden enjoys these cooler temperatures. Not my best year, far from the worst. Which was last year, by the way. I've had tremendous snap bean yield, and quite a few cucumbers. The onions did very well, the leeks look great, the chard is still charding along. Peppers are slow, but much better than last year, when it was too hot too early for them to set fruit. It would have been a banner year for tomatoes if not for the septoria leaf spot on half of them, but I have had plenty to use however I like.

I won't have many tomatoes for salsa once the peppers are fully ripe, because those six plants can't continue to produce, but there'll be some. There was an absurd amount of eggplant to use. And the butterfly and bee garden has been a riotous joy to watch.

Four varieties of tomato, onions, cucumbers, zucchini

The German Queen is a magnificent lady.

She is ripening slowly. Okay by me.

My favorite plant this year appeared by accident. This seems to be a Super Sweet 100, and I don't know how it got to growing there, spreading out all over, except that Nature keeps taking the victory, and I am glad.

The last of the snap bean variety pack.

Conditioned for fall lettuce; snap peas thrown in behind, among the zinnias and cosmos.