Weekly Photo Update
Full immersion: Garden 2015

First of October

After a rather cold summer, September was hot and dry. There are nine more German Queen tomatoes starting to ripen as a result, and many more hot peppers. However, with the weather change at the end of the week, I will probably take all the tomatoes at once, regardless of color. That one cold night, if it comes, could turn them to mush. October

I took some pictures today; with limited success. The camera app which was a lifesaver on the bonkers version of my phone is actually giving me trouble on the replacement. I have to decide what to do about it, read about why it focuses like a nutball. (It might be that I have to turn off the stable shot function.) The orange mint photo, for example, was meant to be a foxglove photo.

Settinggarden Chard Poblanos Jalapenos Jalapenoblossoms Zinnias  Purplepeppers
Autumndaisies Orangemint Snapbeans