First of October
Bean Popping Day! (the first)

Full immersion: Garden 2015

This is probably my last full year here. I don't want to talk about that. I just want to make it lovely.

I've got onions, chard, Chinese cabbage, lettuces and peas coming up. Planted purple, yellow, and green beans this weekend, with an interesting radish, and some zinnias. I've brought the tomatoes out and plenty of seedlings to plant in a couple more weeks.

But now is time to look at the fairy garden again. The arch I bought last year is really too large, but I'm going to hang a bird feeder from it; squirrels will have a harder time than with the one on the post. I'm going to line the area with some inexpensive brick or stone instead of the plastic border there now. Add a couple more perennials and another pot or two.

This year, the lemon licorice came back, so it might be ready to stay for good now. It's mingled with the Kentucky Colonel mint, which is fine. There's also a soapwort, a spiderwort, a Japanese fern, a coral bell, and maybe a couple other things will turn up again. For some reason, the artemesia hasn't appeared. I like to plant frosty-looking things in that area, but they need to be able to grow in part shade.

Fullview Soapwort