Bean Popping Day! (the first)
Saturday Sewing Project

Broadening the view

I hardly used this space this year, and offered no counsel or encouragement toward others. It wasn't a great garden year, mostly just rained. I still have peppers and tomatoes ripening, though, and late watermelons which will not quite succeed, but I might make the rinds into something. And there are fall peas and snap beans coming along now.

In the winter, I do so little with plants, I'm thinking of adding other stuff I do get up to here, and changing the name to something lofty like "Lily's Garden of Domestic Pursuits." Only I guess I'll still keep the cooking and cocktails one separate. Sigh. This used to be much simpler; it was just all mixed-up me on one page. I feel like I'd need to start all over to do that again, and what would be the draw? "Being Me." Sigh, some more. Food for thought.