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Saturday Sewing Project: new bedside bag

Nesting for Winter

Last winter I re-took up embroidery and made a crazy quilt, to while away time being unwell. In June I got a new sewing machine and I've spent the summer learning to use it well, and to gain some technique beyond sewing pillows and hems.

I've made two small quilts to give away, and another just wants binding for me to use it myself. I'm working on a big one for my son, and I made a very simple quilt top in order to learn what I'd need to know to make his.

I collected scraps that can still be used, and some remnant pieces, and also bought some fabric, charm squares and fat quarters when they were on sale. As well, I bought clothes and linens on half price days at Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul, to use in projects. I've made several bags out of skirts, fat quarters, and charm squares.

Today I took inventory to see what I would need to hibernate and have plenty to do. I'm embroidering a six block crazy quilt piece, but I want to use the machine, as well.

My squirrel basket has all the large pieces of fabric. DSC_3702

I keep the scraps in a large shopping bag, but here they are all dumped out. DSC_3703

I buy fat quarters (18x21 inch pieces) only when they are half price. 1.49 each makes them 5.96 a yard, which is an ordinary price. I can buy fabric by the yard for less sometimes, but these are fun pieces I probably wouldn't buy otherwise. DSC_3704

This is the large quilt top to finish sometime; it won't sit unusable for long. DSC_3706

This one is lap-sized. It just needs binding to finish. I'm still not great at binding, but I've come a long way in a short time. DSC_3705

These are the blocks for my son's quilt. There are 9 of 32. I work on them in between other things so it doesn't grow boring. There'll be strips of fabric between the rows, a border of fabric squares, and a dark blue binding. DSC_3709

All I need to get through the winter is some more thin batting, more thread and machine needles, and cutter blades, which are much less expensive online. But I have a couple of paintings I want to get back to, as well.