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Gentle End of Summer

Saturday Sewing Project: new bedside bag

Sound like an odd thing to have or use? I started making these little bags by hand awhile back during a bout with bronchitis or something. The one I hung on my bedpost held remote controls and a flashlight, but I decided it needed to be replaced with an upgrade. I wanted to work on attaching straps with a liner or reversible side today, so that's what I did.

First, here are some other bags I've made this summer. DSC_3715
The ones on either end are made from thrift store skirts that I just shortened and squared off. The extra fabric has been used for quilt piecing. The bag on the left still has the button and zipper on the other side, and the one on the right has a drawstring I made work by cutting the existing one in two pieces and attaching them together. Second from left is a bag I plan to use for used book shopping. Next, a gift bag made from one fat quarter, but I might add a liner. The next two are made from instructions for reuseable produce bags, also each from a fat quarter. I like the tab closure, but might make more that are a little wider and a little shorter.


I had a look at the fabric and future contents to see how big to make the new bag. I decided to start ten and a half inches high, and cut the fabric while it was folded in half.

DSC_3720The fold is at the bottom for strength. I pressed it inside out and folded the top down twice, then sewed along each side.

DSC_3721Then I measured eight inches down from the top and drew a line to sew the corners, and then trimmed them.

DSC_3722These are called box corners. They give the bag a bottom, allowing it to stand square. More or less. If you can't see how it's folded, and would like more details, you can ask me or look for a tutorial.

DSC_3719So I made one of each piece of fabric, then remembered I'd intended to include pockets! While thinking that over, I made the strap.

DSC_3724The strap is cut from a quarter folded piece of fabric so when it was opened it was about 2 3/4 by 21 inches.

DSC_3726A couple of photos are missing. My phone camera app is being a bit tiresome. I folded in the sides toward the center, then folded it in half, and pressed it closed.

DSC_3728Then sewed a scant 1/4 seam down each side. It looks better than with just one.

And then I made pockets. I cut two squares the same size, but attached one horizontally and one vertically, for reasons.  DSC_3730

I decided to hand sew them on since the sides were already stitched, and I used big fat straight stitches so it would look crafty. In another photo.

DSC_3723Here I've tested out how the bags fit together before attaching the strap. I attached the strap at the sides, then sewed on the pockets, and then went all the way around the folds at the top to finish the bags together. Awhile back, I made the neatest charm square reversible purse, but the instructions for attaching the straps had me addled, and I couldn't figure out how to not have them sewn inside the bag. Doing it this simpler way was a relief.

DSC_3734The pockets face each other so my hand can go right where it wants to. The inside pocket is for pens, the outside one for the tiny soundbar remote.