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Time to Make the Biscotti

I make biscotti every few weeks. I have a basic recipe I put together that can be modified to suit my taste for the day. Then I add them to my cookie jar and enjoy them for six weeks or so, because they take a very long time to grow stale.

Yesterday I decided to try a different recipe altogether. Well, the proportions are largely the same, but the instructions for making them were unique to me. Also, I used white whole wheat flour, which I hadn't done before; usually I use it for quick breads, things like that. If you want to bake with more whole wheat flour, you can use more or less in the recipe depending on the texture of the final result. Delicate foods require more delicate flour. Here's a good post about that from King Arthur Flour, which is the brand I buy.

I didn't realize I was nearly out of all-purpose flour until I opened the new bag of whole wheat flour. So instead of putting it in its separate container, I mixed it all in a bowl, and now the container is about 10% unbleached all-purpose, 90% white whole wheat. DSC_3867

The recipe called for lemon zest, lemon juice, and almond extract. That suited me perfectly. If I'd had almonds I would have added some, but I am economizing. DSC_3866

Don't cracked eggs look nice in a bowl? That must be why everyone always includes a photo of them. CameraZOOM-20150921130639511

Usually I'd make two smaller logs to make smaller cookies, but I was following instructions. DSC_3868

After it baked for 25 minutes, I let it cool for a few minutes, then cut it in half, then in half again, then again, then each piece into three, making 24. This was my one departure from the recipe, which wanted me to cool the log completely, spray it with water, then commence to cutting.

The newer technique I did follow was in the second baking. Instead of laying the cookies flat and turning them over after ten minutes or so of baking, the recipe said to stand them on their sides and cook for 30-35 minutes at the lower temperature. For me, 25 minutes was enough. It's a neat trick, though, and I'm going to use it in future. DSC_3870

The cookies do not have a strong lemon or almond flavor, though I used 2 tbs lemon juice plus the zest, and 1.5 tsp almond extract. This will be partly due to the flour I used. But what they have is a lovely cookie taste, and a very nice texture. You could finish them with the lemon glaze or (my choice would be) almond glaze. But I am economizing on the sugar I eat as well as the money I spend, so I left it off.