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October 2015

handbag's tale

Today I worked on a prototype for a bag I might want to produce in quantity and...get some sort of return on. I can see doing it in two sizes. It's reversible, with interfacing sandwiched between the two layers, and has a cardboard bottom inside I haven't decided how I like affixed. I made it from two fat quarters and a 90% off clearance fabric, also four bargain box buttons and a necklace from the thrift store. Eventually, I want to make them all with only reused fabric and trimmings.

It's about 10 inches high, 8 inches wide, and the bottom is 4 inches across. It was meant to be more like 12 x 10, but things happened. Anyway, I made the map side taller and folded it down and over the other side for an easy extra detail. Also on the map side, the geometric fabric is off-center because I thought it looked neat that way when I was putting the pieces together. It was a little more difficult to line up with the other side, though.

I haven't decided how I want to close it in the center, but here's how it looks otherwise.







Saturday Sewing: 80s playlist reversible apron

I bet you could nail my age down to the second.

Anyway. Yesterday I started making an 80s playlist for my iPod (two clues there; who else works so hard to own what they listen to?) and I've got 125 songs so far. It isn't meant to be definitive, guy who uses two question marks about the lack of songs I never heard of, just a reflection of what I was into at the time and still like. It's a little over 9 hours long and I plan to listen to it all today on Shuffle, then muse over some of it.

This morning I listened to these songs while making a reversible apron:

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 12.12.52 PM

That's two hours, six minutes, and I have no idea whether that's slow or very, very slow, but I also don't care. I'm way over being in a hurry about anything. (So these are clues three and four.)

I have this apron I like the shape of, but wanted my new one to be a bit different. Since I used regular ol' cotton, I decided to cut two pieces and make it reversible, to give it a little weight. I didn't want to bother with binding, so I just sewed the two pieces together with right sides facing, like a pillow, and left openings for straps.

But first I cut and attached pieces for the empire waist, as I wanted it to look a bit like an A-line party dress.






I never use the pockets on that apron. I have a big heavy one with pockets I use for painting, but for cooking, it never seems necessary.

Then I made the waist straps. As I was using an old sheet for the waist and straps, I realized I could use the top sewn edge of the sheet for the waist straps and save myself a lot of work. I just cut that whole top section off, cut it in half, and inserted the cut edge into the side openings of the apron pieces.


Then I cut pieces for the top straps, but instead of just folding them and sewing them like binding, I put two pieces face together, sewed the ends, flipped it inside out, and sewed down the sides.



I've been thinking I'd like to do that for some of the bags I make, so it seemed a convenient time to try it out. Then I sewed the straps to the top openings of the apron.



I figure I'll use the light side for baking time and the darker print side for sauteeing time. I used contrasting thread for the waist and top straps as a sort of easy decorative touch. But if I were making a real dress, I'd choose subtlety, instead. And here are final obvious age clues...