Saturday Sewing: 80s playlist reversible apron
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handbag's tale

Today I worked on a prototype for a bag I might want to produce in quantity and...get some sort of return on. I can see doing it in two sizes. It's reversible, with interfacing sandwiched between the two layers, and has a cardboard bottom inside I haven't decided how I like affixed. I made it from two fat quarters and a 90% off clearance fabric, also four bargain box buttons and a necklace from the thrift store. Eventually, I want to make them all with only reused fabric and trimmings.

It's about 10 inches high, 8 inches wide, and the bottom is 4 inches across. It was meant to be more like 12 x 10, but things happened. Anyway, I made the map side taller and folded it down and over the other side for an easy extra detail. Also on the map side, the geometric fabric is off-center because I thought it looked neat that way when I was putting the pieces together. It was a little more difficult to line up with the other side, though.

I haven't decided how I want to close it in the center, but here's how it looks otherwise.