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January 2016

first sewing weekend part two


Riches are relative, aren't they? Recently, a friend sent me enough embroidery floss to fatten my box again so that I will need no more through winter. In fact, I worked through the summer to gather clearance materials and thrift store goods enough to last all winter as well, and will need to buy nothing more than some machine thread and possibly some batting. 

But sometimes I look at blogs and watch TV shows in which people have bulging-full cabinets full of fabrics of every description. I'm momentarily envious, then I remember that I have just what suits me; items all carefully chosen, all loved and ready to be sewn with joy. More than that would just confuse me. 

As well, I ran across some old sewing baskets at eBay last night and thought about if I could buy a new one, and then I thought much better of it. What a dumb thing that would be to do. I adore collecting boxes and containers, but must not allow them to outstrip the space I have for them. And I have a great old sewing basket that was my mother's, anyway. So I cleaned it out last night and lined it with a favorite piece of fabric bought a few months ago, and then today I reorganized it all. Here, then, are photos of chaos managed by love. A wealth of color and potential creativity at my beck and call.
















first sewing weekend part one

Yesterday I made a pretty good bag. This isn't a tutorial, but I'll share some aspects of how I made it and how it turned out. Eventually, I will be superior at interfacing and corners, then I can improve with visual details, as well.

I put together fourteen squares of Moda Modern Background Paper Newsprint, and then cut fabric from a larger piece to match. 



Then I sewed them each into a bag. The other print has interfacing ironed onto it.  Charmlayer

I put the inside out newsprint bag into the other one, and sewed them together. This is where you can insert a tab for a button closure, or fasteners or hooks for a detachable strap, or the ends of straps themselves. You leave an opening at the top to invert the bags so they are now reversible, then sew across the top to close them.


I inserted my button loop while sewing the bags together, and then sewed a decorative stitch around the top, but inserted the little hooks for a strap (a thrift store necklace) afterwards. Also, I hand sewed trim to the outsides of the bags, and that should have been done first, however, it was kind of an afterthought.



And so here's how it looks all finished.