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Imaginary Grace: garden update, part one of two

Hah, it's been two months since I shared here. First, May was just horrid. It was no May at all, just cold and weird. That didn't ruin the garden, but it had an effect on a few things. The summer squashes aren't having a good year. But there's still time. Growth is stunted or strange in a few other places, too. But there's still time. 

And then, well, June has been busy doing double duty. I've taken hundreds of pictures to share here, but time passes and it all changes! Here is some of what I was looking at this morning.

My carrot forest! Best carrot year ever. Carrotsandcosmos

Volunteer tomatoes in the snap beans. There are six of them, and this is where I wanted to plant tomatoes next year, so...but also, all that area was cleared away and there haven't been tomatoes there since 2014, so I guess some birds were very busy. Surprises

I planted twenty asparagus bean seeds. Seventeen of them seem to be thriving. Animals got to two, and another never appeared. Longbeans

This is my happy spot right now. Happyspot

More tomatoes. I have them everywhere. Last year was such a poor year for them, I am overcompensating. Tomatoannex

The deck garden. Deckgarden


And some of the flowers in the 16x4 area next to the neighbor's yard, currently named "Defense Against the Dark Arts." You may imagine why, as you choose. Marigolds