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Double wedding ring quilt re-re-revisited

My great-grandmother was making this for me when she died in 1968. At least, that is what my mother told me 15 or so years later. It was kept in an old box all that time, and after she gave it to me, I’d take it out and look at it now and then, then return it to the box. It has survived countless moves, a few attempted repairs by a sweet young daughter, and my own sense of what ought and ought not to be done with it, which changes every year. 20170706_102707

Last year I cut away the most damaged parts on the back, attached a lightweight interfacing, and pinned some muslin to it. And shockingly to those who restore for posterity, I LEFT IT PINNED THAT WAY. 20170706_102851

I know, I do. Horror. I didn’t mean to; my brain flips over sometimes. I was going to attempt hand quilting first, but even at her rather casual eight stitches per inch, my own sewing (though I'm decent at embroidery) looked awful by comparison, plus I have things to do. I tested a bit of machine stitching using invisible thread on top so there’d be a stitch gap, but it still didn’t look right. And then I got busy with baby quilts.

Looking at it today, I thought, this is just enough. Something has to be done, and no, not for heirloom restoration; that is just not me. It needs to be finished and whole, and see how it lays over my bed nicely? It could keep doing that, and I’d just be gentle folding it back at night.

So my daughter’s blue stitching. Why not carry on with that? I can hand stitch all the white sections with blue floss, and run the machine over the patches in off white. 20170706_102742


It will look cute.

But as to the repairs, that’s a tougher matter. There are several patches to replace; I will find an old piece of clothing to cut up and insert, carefully. 20170706_103740
I will start quilting with the new piece of backing in place, then add an additional layer; no batting. And then that leaves the unfinished scalloped edges. I might turn and stitch them before attempting any binding. Got to still think on that.

I wish I knew her; my dad's grandma. I had just turned three when she died. Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.58.46 AM