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A tasty fruitcake that is not appalling or anything

First, because this was last Tuesday, I needed one which wanted only a month to cure or less. I wanted one that was less cakey than the cakey ones, but not comprised entirely of fruit. And I wanted to use the combination I already had of organic dried fruit and some good quality glacéed fruit. Boozyfruit
I found Mrs MacKinnon's Christmas Fruitcake. I realized only after getting into making it that it has no nuts. And I think that is actually its virtue. The nuts will draw moisture from the cake, you see, so if you don't eat it within the first week, the cake part just won't be as good. To me. Plus, nuts are so expensive! I got a good deal on pecans and walnuts last month, and I'm saving them to make pecan tarts and Magic Cooky Bars in a couple weeks.

I was short the amount of fruit needed, and had to run up to Dollar General for some raisins. I dislike raisins mixed with other things, but they are actually just fine in this. I used my own combination of fruit; for the amount of golden raisins, I added chopped prunes, and for the amount of currants, a combination of chopped dried figs and apricots. If I make it again next year, I will use more of all those in place of the raisins, but it is really not raisiny at all. Chunkybatter
The bigger change is that I put in bourbon instead of rum. And I was a little generous with the molasses, but not by a lot.

My springform pan is 9.5 inches whereas the recipe calls for 10, and that left me enough batter to make a small tester cake to try. It was so delicious, I ate it in two sittings. Delicioussampler
You can eat the cake right away or within a few days. I wrapped mine in bourbon-soaked cheesecloth and then foil, and today I removed the foil and added more bourbon. A fruitcake will last for years if you do that, but I just want to eat it at the end of the year. Readytowrap