Garden Progress

potager de pots: garden update 2

This is the year I turn the yard gardens back over to grass, so I am using two back areas for container gardening, well, same as before, but exclusively in those areas.

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing the spaces and putting the pots around to be planted over the next four weeks. Here are photos I took; it's not neat or pretty yet, but definitely will be by June. I'll have some tomatoes and peppers, of course, lettuce and chard, onions, a few potatoes, bush beans, and I'm going to try these tiny carrots that can grow in shallower ground. I have flower seed mixes so will see just what comes up, but if I get hold of a little money I'd like to have some dahlias again and a few other interesting flowers. 







If gardening were baseball...


This being, for me, some of the greens, spring onions, a few herbs and flowers. Spring training begins in earnest in about two weeks, by which I mean that's when I'll start some tomatoes and peppers, maybe eggplant. 

Everything has to be in containers this year because this is the year I start letting grass reclaim the gardens for when the lease is up in 2020. So I'll have to decide as well in a couple weeks whether to prepare for beans, carrots, and summer squashes. I will still be able to plant as many annual flowers as I like, regardless of the rest. Groomingthefieldpatented seed starting system

Playersearly prospects

Earlylineupmaking the first cut

Firstwarmupsteam room

Lockerroomout of metaphors: lights ready for post-germination; probably around the time I start the second set of seeds.

It ought not to be…

Hi there. This is my domestic arts blog and newer poetry and tiny story spot, now rolled into one. I needed to simplify, and it occurred to me that the name of this blog is sort of perfect for all my various doings, season by season. Today I have the garden on my mind.

Currently, during what is generally the coldest week of the year here, it is 60º in southeast Cincinnati at noon o’clock. That is just about 15º for those of you playing the C game. Here is some attractive info from Weatherspark about what it’s typically like here, or was. If you are now just fascinated by my climate, click here and scroll down to see what a cloudy cloudy spot this is. I’m not adapting well to that.

But the rest of it is a guessing game at this point, and these pictures demonstrate the result of that. Liliesindistress
The second photo is garlic shoots. There tend to be a few which appear a few weeks after planting in autumn, then they die back til spring. But they are in a different kind of limbo this year.

None of this should be growing or green right now. We had a warm winter in 2013, when the lemon balm came up early. This past autumn it never even fully died back, nor did many of the other perennials, and the ones which start greening in spring began doing so in December, instead. The years between 2013 and 2017 have each had their own set of extremes, as well.Frontstuff
Since December we’ve had several actually frigid days (below 15ºF/-9.44ºC,) but they’re mostly just punctuating weather more typically seen in early March. So even my late season pansy plants never died. They aren’t blooming, of course, but are behaving like perennials instead of annuals. I think maybe it feels like this in winter in the south of England, or South Carolina; I don’t know. I’m not well-traveled.

I super hate cold weather. Not because I’m particularly cold-natured, though cold is pretty bad for the asthma. I hate having to wear coats and shoes and not getting to sit in the yard and grow things, and I hate the bitter evening wind when I’m out trying my best to keep from doing nothing but hibernating until April. So I felt pretty darned good out there this morning wearing jeans, a sleeveless top, and my garden clogs, taking these pictures and checking things out. But it’s unsettling, and I am worried for my grandchildren, rather than maybe just for theirs, as I was in the past.  

What we see now are more extremes. Wild temperature swings, tons of rain followed by no rain at all, and a sharp beginning and end to summer, with the rest of the seasons all just drifting into each other. Here along the middle-middle latitude, gardening recommendations keep changing and there are more microclimates; tiny pockets with more heat than surrounding areas, than there were a couple decades ago.

Your superficially labeled binary politics aren’t that interesting to me, as an aside. I’m just reporting here: what I see, what I’ve known, and what I fear might now be the way of things, which, in the span of a single human lifetime, seem like they ought not to be. If this season looks to continue as it has been, though, I guess I'll take advantage of it and plant some lettuce, and put a few things in the plastic greenhouse next month instead of in March.

I already did plant a butter lettuce stump yesterday and put it under the plant lights. To end this with a photo, which is nice to do. Lettuce

Imaginary Grace: garden update, part one of two

Hah, it's been two months since I shared here. First, May was just horrid. It was no May at all, just cold and weird. That didn't ruin the garden, but it had an effect on a few things. The summer squashes aren't having a good year. But there's still time. Growth is stunted or strange in a few other places, too. But there's still time. 

And then, well, June has been busy doing double duty. I've taken hundreds of pictures to share here, but time passes and it all changes! Here is some of what I was looking at this morning.

My carrot forest! Best carrot year ever. Carrotsandcosmos

Volunteer tomatoes in the snap beans. There are six of them, and this is where I wanted to plant tomatoes next year, so...but also, all that area was cleared away and there haven't been tomatoes there since 2014, so I guess some birds were very busy. Surprises

I planted twenty asparagus bean seeds. Seventeen of them seem to be thriving. Animals got to two, and another never appeared. Longbeans

This is my happy spot right now. Happyspot

More tomatoes. I have them everywhere. Last year was such a poor year for them, I am overcompensating. Tomatoannex

The deck garden. Deckgarden


And some of the flowers in the 16x4 area next to the neighbor's yard, currently named "Defense Against the Dark Arts." You may imagine why, as you choose. Marigolds