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starting out, starting over

January 17, 2003

when i typed that date just now, i started to type 19-! things like that make you feel really ancient and irrelevant.

i've been reading blogs on the web for several years now. sometimes they're funny, or clever, but mostly they appear to be weight-loss journals, or poorly spelled and poorly structured public rants about who dun me wrong.

we all want to talk to people, and command their attention.

so the web currently consists of news, porn, tv fan and hobby sites, blogs and retail businesses.

i often use the web to look at pictures of

James Marsters,

and Jeremy Northam,

and others. i can do that all day long,

but sadly, real life usually prevents me from doing that.

am i really me when i present myself to others? that is really the experiment i am attempting here. will i write this as it really comes to mind, and can i do it no-holds-barred? there are a number of people who thought they knew me only to discover i wasn't who they believed me to be. i am not sure if that was really my fault, but i want to appear only exactly as i am, quirks be damned.

here are some embarrassing** but true facts, at least for the moment, about me:

i *love* Captain Picard. (of course i think Patrick Stewart is a really cool actor, but that's not the same thing at all, is it?)

i do not own a belt, or socks.

my favorite meal is milk, italian bread and either those little black greek olives, or the green italian ones.

i am afraid to fly. i can, if i have to , but i don't want to ever.

i love family car trips! i love road signs, and highways and weird little towns that have speed traps and decrepit gas stations.

i like watching men kiss. if they're my idea of good-looking.

i still get acne, though i was born the same year as "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and The Voting Rights Act.

i would be willing to go back in time for a one night stand with Dean Martin.

ok, this brings up an interesting topic. of course i would not have a one night stand in real life, but who would i "bring home from the bar," in, say, a holodeck situation? this is worth considering.

**insofar as i can actually *be* embarrassed, which is not a great deal.