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Pedaling On--Nov-Dec, 2003


really. it was a full day. but now, eh. i'm watchin' Emeril make cookies. he just made those rockin italian chestnut ones i haven't had in years. you know, one of the kinds that's made to look like ravioli? i appreciate how there are all these italian desserts that are made just like dinner food, only with, you know, dessert stuff.

i miss really good italian cookies. plenty of bakeries around, but they just sell the same old colored cookie press ones. guess i gotta start makin' em myself.

all the "caggionetti" recipes in English had all this extra crap in them you wouldn't want, all fancy and junk. they're so lovely as they are, geez. anyway, i found an italian recipe and translated it. fun result!!!

For the paste: 250 gr.di oil of wine olive 250 gr. dry white man
flour For the filling: 1 liter of cooked must 300 gr. of almonds
toasted and tritate 100 gr. of sugar 100 gr. of chocolate 500 gr.
of ceci lessati (or lessate chestnuts) 1/2 glass from table of rhum
and anisette cinnamon

Moreover: oil in order
to fry sugar cinnamon To pour in one casserole cooked must and to
put it on the fire; when the liquid is very warm, to join the almonds,
a pizzico of cinnamon, the chocolate. To stir well, then to add
as well as purè of chestnuts (or ceci) how much is necessary
some in order to obtain one dense cream; levarla then the fire and
to join the sugar and the liqueur to you. To stir accurately and
to place the container in refrigerator for some hour, so that the
compound is made solid well.

To pour in an able ciotola
the oil and the wine and to add to much flour how much are necessary
some in order to obtain a hard paste. To put the compound on the
spianatoia and to work to along the paste, without more to add flour;
to spread it therefore with the mattarello in one leaf through thin.
To arrange on leaf through many mucchietti of filling and to refold
the paste in order to obtain "caggionetti" that they must
have the shape of purses to semicircle.

To fry them in good oil
of olive not too much hot, without to make to colour them; to drain
them and to put down them on paper of absorbent type. When they
are all ready ones, to place them on the capacity plate and spolverizzar them
with sugar and cinnamon in powder.
Warmth, lukewarm or cold can be consumed.

don't you love babelfish?

you do know that "biscotti" pretty much means cookies en italiano? yeah. well, here's a place with links to good italian cookies. biscotti, etc.

here's where you'll find the recipe for chewy cookies to dip in coffee or tea. they are just a little sweet, and very soft. we always had them at Easter, when they would be dipped in colored powdered sugar icing. and we just called them biscotti. be sure to USE BUTTER! oh, and the person mentions anise oil? but i use almond extract. and just a little milk, in place of the egg whites.

chestnuts are awesome. they are nature's candy. you thought that was raisins? no. chestnuts aren't that sweet, but they're yummy, they don't stick to your teeth, and i'm convinced they must be good for you.

ooh, this sounds amazing.

chestnuts roasting on an open fire. for real.


mmm, it's men week, you know. but whatever.


a while back i splurged, and replaced my stack stereo with the 3 cd player that broke, with this little Timex "nature sounds clock radio/cd player." it retails for oh, something or other, but i got it on clearance at Target for 27.99. that was a couple of months ago, and i was all happy, because it's little and cute, and all i really need. until yesterday when someone smaller than me spilled cocoa on and in it. i was quite chagrined. at first, it was wet and flashed 1888, and nothing would work. i was so sad. today, the clock worked so i thought maybe there was hope. the cd mechanism would spin, but the play button wouldn't work. i set it aside, and tonight went at it with a straight pin, cleaning sticky cocoa out of the buttons. it spun, and i could press play, but still didn't work. i did see that by this time, the radio and nature sounds were okay. then i looked and realized no one had ever wiped off the cd, Martini Madness, and it had cocoa all over the bottom of it. so i put in The Rat Pack Live at the Sands instead, and lo and behold, i had music! i'm so relieved.

wow, i just discovered that Martini Madness isn't, exactly. don't know why i didn't realize--it's actually Cocktail Mix, Vol II. and there are some more of 'em! mine's the best, though.

it works, and i'm so happy. if only i could still record tapes for driving, life would be swell.


well, it just keeps on snowing. it's dark. and cold. but somehow pleasant. gearing up for some Rankin-Bass action soon. revisiting a double feature of Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, and The Year Without a Santa Claus. gonna have me some-a that Mickey Rooney voice action. i put a link to the first one over there, but not the other, because that video includes the dreck known as Nestor, the Long-Eared Donkey. bleh.


it's snowing up a storm out there. it's actually pretty cool. i'm not sure why i feel good about the cold and snow. that's just odd. but whatever.

last night we went to a place called Southpaw, in Brooklyn, to see Over the Rhine. they were quite good, as good as you'd imagine after hearing one of their albums, especially the most recent one, Ohio. they may not be familiar to many people because they are Christians. but that's sort of unfair. their music is not evangelistic or, um, promoting religion or anything. it's just who they are. and like some other bands whose members shared this particular faith, they're sort of pigeon-holed unjustly. it's sort of like those crossover country singers of the 80s who weren't one thing or the other, so both sides were suspicious of them. but they're good; you should check them out. they have soul, and musical integrity, but also humor and smarts.

anyway, was sort of fun to go to Brooklyn, as i'd never been there before. but the subway was scary. you could see much more of the inner workings of the tracks and system than when just riding around in the city. i didn't want to know that much, frankly. and it was cold doing the walking bits.

oh--before the concert, we ate super yummy food at a Korean dumpling and noodle bar. i love that stuff, probably i could just eat it most every day, like, you know, Korean people.

just checked out the Southpaw website. it says Steve Burns is appearing on Saturday. i think that poor guy will never live down his last big gig.

I realized it has been a little too long since i last mentioned James Marsters in the ol' blog. that's just not right. so here:


i stayed up late last night taking online quizzes. i love to do that. here are some:

You're a B52!  That crazy layered shooter of grand marnier, coffee liquer and irish cream, mmm mm!  Not for the fainthearted you're eccentric, eclectic and you can't make your mind up%2

""Which cocktail are you?""

brought to you by Quizilla

I have issues with...






Word Association Test



one thing you should know is that i decided to take all the blah blah this is how i am feeling blather to my Live Journal. this blog is now dedicated to the more superficial aspects of my nature only. why am i not linking this to my LJ? well, haven't made up my mind about that yet. you can email me if you really want to read it

things i overheard today:

isn't Michael Stipe Satan?

some people don't think my Mario pants are cool.

my Chardonnay has bubbles in it. i think i didn't rinse the glass well.

that's all i have to say today. except that Alexis Denisof is awesome, and really mmmmm, and i hope he's featured again on Angel before too long.


i figured it was time to start a new page. you can only stay on deck in the little bottle for so long, then you have to crawl out the neck hole and see what's outside. is that a gross metaphor, or what? anyway, i'm doing some stuff to feel more part of the life i am in. we'll see how long this lasts. was thinking; i do sort of offer myself out here, and hope to have a little acceptance. i want email and tags and stuff from people. that would let me know that this little weird gift is being appreciated by someone. i just learned the most recent email link was typed incorrectly, but that's fixed on this page.