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littleblackcloud 1

2.10.04 i'm really psyched about my bathroom vanity/cabinet thingy. it's not in the best shape, but seemed really unique, so i went exploring on the net for information. it's made of something originally called skylark formica, also known as boomerang, in a grey background. yes, i know people make fun of it, but i don't care!!! it's cool! to correspond with it, the sink, toilet and shower are pink! and there's grey tile on the lower half of the walls, with that tiny tile in a lighter grey on the floor, accented with a little pink here and there. it's just so cool. well, and sort of small, but that's okay.

so i'm going to have a genuine 1960 bathroom! that rocks, totally. only, i don't really know how to outfit it, especially without, you know, spending much money. more research is required. know anything about that? drop me a line, please, by clicking on the happy sun. i have to paint the upper portion of the walls, as well. pink does seem the natural choice, but i'm not deciding too quickly.

it's a pretty weird vanity/cabinet thingy, which is why i know it's original equipment. it just screams early 60s innovation gone horribly wrong. yay! btw, the boomerang pattern was introduced by Raymond Loewy in the mid-50s, at least 5 years before this house was built.